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UCCX Historical Reporting Questions

I have 2 questions regarding UCCX Historical Reporting 8.x. 

1)  In the Traffic Analysis report, there is a field for Peak Hour.  The Peak busy hour for my customer's contact center is the morning and is shown in other reports as being in the morning, but the Traffic Analysis report has it in the afternoon.  How is this field calculated? 

2)  Is there a report that can give me an average number of calls per hour per agent and a summary?


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UCCX Historical Reporting Questions

Hi Lisa

1) That report shows the hour period that had the most incoming calls to the whole system. That means all CSQs... what report are you comparing it to? That report may be for a single CSQ that is busy in the afternoon, where the total for the system is higher in the morning.

2) No, there is not. You would need a custom report to produce this if it is important.


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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UCCX Historical Reporting Questions

Hi Aaron,

We only have one CSQ for the system & the main number comes directly into that CSQ.  I am comparing the report to the Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by Interval) as well as my customer knows her contact center's busy times and they are not the time stated on that report.  The busy times that are verified in the CSQ Activity Report are the morning hours.  The Traffic Analysis always has a late afternoon hour as peak.


Lisa Lennon, PMP

Total Communications, Inc.

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