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UCCX HTTP and HTTPS questions


Question #1

Create URL Document step

The following is from the programming guide.

In the URL text field, enter the following URL:


This URL is composed of the following three parts:

• The IP address of the web server-This example uses the special IP address

assigned to the local host. When an HTTP request uses this address, the

request is directed to the web server running on the same machine as the

client that issued the request.

• The port number of the web server-This example uses the default port

number used by the HTTP subsystem web server. If the web server uses the

standard HTTP port (port 80), you can omit this part of the URL.

Does this Create URL Document step will support HTTPS?


Question #2

For testing purposes where exactly the following file should exist? What is the path , folder location?

Access the web server XML file that is to supply data for your client script by

entering the following URL in your web browser:

In this example, the getQuote.xml file is on the local web server included in the

HTTP subsystem on the CRS Engine.



Re: UCCX HTTP and HTTPS questions

For Question 2

put it in a directory your Create File Step will reference, say your file want to use

C:\Program Files\wfavvid\template\getQuote.xml

on the CRS server,

then your Create file step will reference

"template\getQuote.xml "

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