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UCCX Installation - 9.0.2

Dear All - Have configured UCCX HA (LAN), During configuation of secondary Node in UCCX Setup Result Information we got an an error as

"UCCX Engine Activated. Failed to update the user on the Cisco Unified CM"    

Not sure about the above error, Can you please help me out, Attached screenshot for referrence.



UCCX Installation - 9.0.2

Well, there's only three users in CUCM:

  1. AXL
  2. JTAPI
  3. RMCM

Of those three, UCCX only ever needs to update the last two:

  1. JTAPI
  2. RMCM

The RMCM account would be shared between both UCCX nodes in an HA pair, which means the installation of the second node would not need to touch it.  That leaves:

  1. JTAPI

Now, in HAoW, you need to manually configure the second node's Call Control Groups; however, in HAoL these ports might be created automatically for you. I'm not sure, as it's been a long time since I've deployed HAoL and the documentation I'm finding isn't spelling it out too clearly.

It could be, that when you deploy HAoL for the first time, the second node attempts to create redundant CTI Ports for the existing call control groups, and that this is failing for one or more reasons.

A couple of things to try/check:

  1. Retype your JTAPI user's password on UCCX first, and then on CUCM (both _1 and _2 users).
  2. Check that your CTI Port DN range has double the capacity.  This is a tricky one, but maybe an example will help:
    Say you had 10 CTI Ports on the node 1.  You then install node 2.  If your first 10 ports were the phone numbers 100X, then you would also need to have 101X available for the second node.  I think technically, UCCX will skip numbers it finds in use, but I wouldn't plan a deployment like that.  Make sure they're vacant.
  3. Perform a data resync in UCCX to have it recreate any CTI Ports or CTI Route Points it needs to.

Anthony Holloway

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Anthony Holloway

Please use the star ratings to help drive great content to the top of searches.
Cisco Employee

UCCX Installation - 9.0.2

If the configuration are correct then Open a TAC case. we might need to enable CCX engine component from CET.

What is the status of CCX engine ? How is replication between two server .



UCCX Installation - 9.0.2

Hi - CCX is Active (INSERVICE) and replication is good b/w servers.

Also done failover testing, agents were abale to failover to secondary and calls are also getting poper IVR teatment through secondary Node.

Added few test agents where it sync with secondary Node sucessfully.

Not sure, why we got this error.


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