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UCCX & IP IVR clarification

hi All,

I have been reading up the datasheet and admin guides for the uccx & ip ivr.

which i am slightly confused on the both working together.


Currently we are using the uccx10 for a simple ACD. ie A call-center number hotline for customer to dial: that forwards/queue to about 10 agents

Now that we would like to include some sort of IVR



Customer dials the hotline number: IVR pickes up and request for customer to input #1 for sales, #2 for technical support, #0 for operator.

Ive checked with Cisco partner helpline, they mentioned that there is no need to install another VM instance of IP IVR, as ip ivr is just a matter of license purchase on top of the CCX.

However based on the IP IVR cisco doc below:

All Unified CCX product packages are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of them can be installed
at any point in time on a Unified CCX server. If multiple licenses are installed, then priority is given to the
package with the highest number at the left in the following list:
1 Unified IP IVR
2 Unified CCX Standard
3 Unified CCX Enhanced
4 Unified CCX Premium
This means, for example, that Unified CCX Standard has a higher priority than Unified IP IVR, and if both
are installed on the same Unified CCX server, you will only be able to use Unified CCX Standard

Appreciate any insight:



Yes, this can be confusing,

Yes, this can be confusing, but all you need to know that UCCX and IP IVR are the same product. Since you have UCCX (premium) you have a very powerful IVR in your hands that can do pretty much anything you want to do. IP IVR is used when you use Cisco's large call center software UCCE.


Look around your UCCX and you'll find an *.aef file, that's your script and you can add prompts/menus/etc to it to do what you want to do.



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