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UCCX issue with Call Redirect step and Caller ID.

If a call coming into the UCCX AA and they user dials the extension of the person they want to speak with all works fine. The issue is when the original called party does not answer and the call follows their cover path. Now the next person in the cover path has no knowledge that is call was forwarded from the original called party. This is very vital for our business because several assistants answer the phone differently depending on where it rang first. I have tried to change the call redirect step to preserve. I have tried a call consult step..but no luck.

Please any help would be appreciated.



Re: UCCX issue with Call Redirect step and Caller ID.

Go to the phone of the person who is not seeing the original called party and select the line the call is being forwarded to. Go to:

Forwarded Call Information Display on Device

Uncheck caller name

Check Caller number

Check Redirected number

Uncheck dialed number

Click save.

After you have done this, try the call again. This should display on that specific phone the forwarded number and who is was forwarded from.

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Re: UCCX issue with Call Redirect step and Caller ID.

Going to test...will this affect all calls that this caller recieves?

Edited: Made the change but the results on an call from the IVR still had the same results (showed the caller Id of the external cell phone placing call). Direct calls to the extension modified were affected.



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