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UCCX licensing restrictions on self-service apps ??

I remember reading somewhere (perhaps with the docs accompanying the 5 free UCCX licenses that come with CCM) that a UCCX standard or enhanced license should not be used to run Auto Attendent, or

similar self services scripts.

It said that IP/IVR should be used instead.

This would make sense, as with Std/Enh you get upto 300 (with a 7845) Basic IVR ports (i.e Hardware dependent)

Is this true ?

I mean If I wanted to run simple prompt & collect type IVR's then I would save a lot of $$$ by simply using UCCX Standard with a min 5 seats, as opposed to

say buying 300 IP/IVR ports.

(Again, assuming I need just basic IVR)

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Re: UCCX licensing restrictions on self-service apps ??

IP IVR and CCX use the exact same code. The only difference is the license file that specifies which subsystems are activated. With either product, you can buy incremental quantity of agents/ports up to the platform limitations of the MCS.

IP IVR provides an Advanced IVR license. CCX Premium also provides this license. This license enables additional steps that are not available with the Basic IVR license included with CCX Standard/Enhanced. The CCX Release Notes/SRND document the differences between the Basic and Advanced IVR license.

In addition to the functionality gap between Basic and Advanced IVR, they are also licensed differently. Advanced IVR is licensed per port (CTI Port). The quantity of licensed ports is the maximum number calls that can be handled at any one time. The Basic IVR license covers all ports up to the platform limit.

If the functionality of the Basic IVR license is sufficient for you, it may in fact be more economical to buy a CCX Enhanced license with a larger MCS than IP IVR.

Release Notes:


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Re: UCCX licensing restrictions on self-service apps ??


I found the link I was reffering to

It says here

Q. Can I deploy the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express bundle as a standalone Automated Attendant instead of a contact center? If so, are there entitlement limitations?

A. No, unless the following applies to your deployment:

• You are deploying the bundle on a Cisco Unified Communications platform that supports co-resident deployment with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Enhanced as described earlier in this document.

• You are deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express as a standalone IVR or the standalone self-service solution (that is, no contact center with agents are deployed) is not supported. If you want to deploy a standalone Automated Attendant or self-service solution, you must purchase Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response.

The second bullet point is where my confusion is.

Is this restriction limited to the promotion only or all situations?


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Re: UCCX licensing restrictions on self-service apps ??

That's an interesting statement. To my knowledge, that is not a technical limitation within the product. I can design CCX scripts that are pure IVR without issue.

I would recommend asking your Cisco AM for clarification on this. It strikes me as a product positioning or licensing restriction to avoid exactly what you are considering.

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Re: UCCX licensing restrictions on self-service apps ??

Yes, I agree its not a technical limitation, rather a licensing thing...

Anyway, as you say, this is something that perhaps a Cisco Account Manager can answer :-)


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