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UCCX login failed invalid user name and password

Dear all,

Recently I removed the Ldap sync and re-established it back but after this I am unable to login into the

uccx appadmin page but am able to login into os admin page, when i checked in uccx service list

uxl and axl service is not running

can any one guide me?


Hi,what is your UCCX version


what is your UCCX version?

You wrote you can log on to the OS admin page. Please turn up tracing, try restarting the services, including the CCX engine, dump the logs, zip them up, post them to here.


New Member

 Version: 8.5.1yes, I am able

 Version: 8.5.1
yes, I am able to login into OS admin page of uccx and everything is working fine in CUCM also
but the OS admin is not link with Ldap user id, its different and can you guide me how to restart axl service in uccx

Cisco Employee

Hi Abdul,When you are able to

Hi Abdul,

When you are able to see the UXL and the AXL service on the UCCX Serviceability, then I think you are running which is the UCCX 8.5.1 base version.

The UCCX AXL web Service and UXL web service has no impact on the Services and was imported from the VOS platform during the initial development of UCCX 8.x. This has no relation to the AXL integration with the CUCM.

To re-establish the AXL connectivity the only workaround is to use the CET tool or modify a file in root to trick the Appadmin to go to the Fresh install stage. Once done, the re-association of the administrators can be done.

Note: This can be done only by TAC as it involves remote account access.

Secondly, from UCCX 9.x, we have the Super User which is independent of AXL/CUCM and hence will be able to login to UCCX at all times.



Cisco Employee

Hi Abdul,Also, I am not

Hi Abdul,

Also, I am not completely sure if this command is available on the version you are on, but if available, then there is no need for the fresh install process which I described above.

Login to the CLI of UCCX and type:

set uccx appadmin administrator <user_id>

The user_id is the End User on the CUCM who needs to be given the Administrator privileges.



New Member

Thanks for your answer,I

Thanks for your answer,

I deleted Ldap users and again resynced

uccx user was a ldap user is their any way out???

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