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UCCX - multi skilled, on a rota



I have CUCX (v9) and a contact centre running with one CSQ. 


The department would like to have a method of triaging calls and then hand off to teams.  Each call handler operates within a team, the current system is too much as calls are routing to teams with little knowledge in his/her area.


My initial thought is to create additional CSQ's/Triggers for the teams and then the 'call traigers' can then transfer in to the associated queue.  We retain reporting benefits etc etc.


However, they want to rota the staff.  So Agent X will one day be a member of CSQ1 (call triagers) and then on another day be on CSQ2 (Team X).  Is there a neat way of introduicng the above but allow them to rota call handlers to be either triagers or taking calls from their team?





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Supervisors can re-skill

Supervisors can re-skill agents thus putting them in respective CSQs from CCX admin pages but setting the "Supervisor Access" to either "access to supervisor's teams only" or "access to all teams".


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Thanks!  I hadn't realised

Thanks!  I hadn't realised you could do that.


I just tried with a test supervisor, but I was able to assign skills from other contact centres (something I dont like about CUCX, the fact you can see config from other contact centres you may have set up for other department, incluidng reporting also).

Is there a way of only allowing supervisors the ability to assign certain skills?

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Yes, but selecting "access to

Yes, but selecting "access to supervisor's teams only" in the service parameter and building teams appropriately.

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Hi, that's already set.  The

Hi, that's already set.  The supervisor is still able to give a skill which is not within a CSQ of that team, to it's members.

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Make sure that this

Make sure that this supervisor is not either a primary or secondary supervisor of the team this agent is assigned to.

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Hi SteveThat's normal in UCCX

Hi Steve

That's normal in UCCX, I believe... or at least it's a little hole that needs to be filled for UCCX to really be multi-tenant capable. 

Supervisors can either have too much access, or access to just their 'team'... however...

A team is made up of CSQs and agents. Skills fall into a gap in that they aren't CSQs or agents, so any supervisor can add any skill to any of their restricted pool of agents.

Logically it should determine which skills are linked by an Administrator to the CSQs in the team and only allow Supervisors access to those, but I think this would be seen by Cisco as an enhancement request rather than a bug..


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