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UCCX New implementation help

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to the UCCX environment i need help in creating scripts.

We are currenetly implementing a project for be6000 with UCCX.

Things i have done:

1. I have already created few users in the CUCM

2. I have completed the CUCM and UCCX integration

3. I have already gone through the UCCS admin guide which is not helpful and does not make sense to me as newbie.

4. uploaded the prompts to UCCX.

I would like to know exact detailed steps of creating agents and assigning skills to them creating triggers.

Also need to create a simple script which works as follows:

incoming call-->welcom msg and language selection-->press1 for sales 2 for support--> play a wait message-->transfer the call to the agent or if agent are busy or not available just send the call to the voicemail on cutomers will.

It may seem quite simple to you but difficult for a newbie.

If you people can help me out i would need step by step procedure for creating scripts and requested things as i cannot make out from the admin guide.

If any script similar my scenario is available on UCCX where in i can just change the prompts would be great.

New Member

I think there are very few

I think there are very few engineers on UCCX  from cisco. As i see this forums very dry and there are lot of posts not answered.

Hi all,with all due respect,

Hi all,

with all due respect, I disagree. There are a lot of good engineers, both Cisco employees and folks working for external companies.

This forum is not "dry", but if you come here absolutely unprepared with a question like "here's a list of requirements to build a contact center from scratch, give me a step-by-step explanantion", then sorry, we are not going to help you. Why, you might ask. Simple: it would be too much to be explained. A contact center is an advanced topic.

I cannot accept arguments like "my employer won't pay for the UCCX training" or "I am usually doing something else but no one would accept this task so I got it, I don't really care about it, I just want to finish it and forget it as soon as possible". If you want to do something right, then learn it. Yes, even in your spare time.


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