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UCCX password recovery

Hi, we just got a UCCX 7.0 server and need to logon to have a check, but I got following error message when I tried to logon. It seems we have to link it to the orignal CUCM server to do the authentication. The problem is we can't find that CUCM server, are there any ways we can reset the password on UCCX?

error message: AXL server not found, please check the AXL service on Unify CM server etc.

Thanks. Leo

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UCCX password recovery

You can reinitialize the setup by using the cet.bat tool, here is a good blog:



UCCX password recovery

@chris deren - One small correction to their post.

They State:

End-user should assign in to “supper user group” and the group should contain “Standard AXL API Access” role. May be lab proctor change the group or role from end-user which lead to login problems.

The end user does not need any CUCM groups (and therefore roles) assigned to them, in order to log into AppAdmin or AppUser.

On a separate but related topic, assigning the Standard CCM Super User group to a service account which only needs the Standard AXL API Access role is like shooting an ant with a bazooka.  Do create a new user group which only has the role "Standard AXL API Access" assignd to it.

The AXL account name and passwords are stored in clear text in the log files, so limiting the access to that account is a good thing.  Though I will admit that having AXL access is essentially full admin rights given you can change pretty much anything on the system with AXL.  It just makes it a little harder for someone who accidentally finds the credentials.

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