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UCCX Premuim configuration

Hi All

I have generated the following configuration  using CRS Config tool provided by cisco for UCCX Premuim licenses, BUT I need only single server configuration can any one assist me to take off any unnecessary components. Is the CCX 7.0 PRE HA Active and Standby Server SW necessary. Need to reduce the cost of the solution


1CCX 7.0 NEW DeploymentCCX-70-NEW $             -1 $                -$USD                     -This   SKU is the top-level Upgrade SKU to enter into Cisco online ordering or   configuration tools.2CCX 7.0 NEW PREMIUMCCX-70-NEW-PRE $             -1 $                -$USD                     -Configurable Option For Server,   Seat Software or Ports3CCX 7.0 PRE HA Active and   Standby Server SWCCX-70-NEW-P-HAS $      14,9951 $        14,995$USD             14,995Server   Software HA4CCX 7.0 HA Server Software for   7816I or exact IBM equivalentCCX-70-7816I-HAS $             -1 $                -$USD                     -Active AND Standby HA Server   Software for New HA IPCC Express5CCX 7.0 PRE Seat Qty 1 (agent or   supervisor)CCX-70-P-SEAT1 $        1,85011 $        20,350$USD             20,350Premium Seats6UCSS for CCXUCSS-CCX $             -1 $                -$USD                     -UCSS-CCX7UCSS for CCX PRE for Three Year   - 1 usersUCSS-CCX-P-3-1 $           31111 $          3,421$USD               3,421Premium Seats 3 Years UCSS8Qty 1 MCS-7816-I4-CCX1 ServerMCS-7816-I4-CCX1 $        4,0001 $          4,000$USD               4,000MCS HA ACTIVE

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Re: UCCX Premuim configuration


As long as you don't want to install a secondary server, then the HA is not necessary.


Community Member

Re: UCCX Premuim configuration

I would aquire the only the Software and purchase you HP

servers separately. You can get a better server for your money and

HP is 3 yrs onsite for hardware. You could look into VM

also. In addition, you can also buy UCCX as a hosted service which maybe a better $$$ value.

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