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UCCX Purposely Prevent Fail-over

Hi.  I was wondering if shutting down the engine on a secondary server would be enough to prevent fail-over in an HA environment.


Basically; we have had a call with TACs on the servers for no apparent reason, failing over and then back.  What we found was happening was that the 2 servers were losing heartbeat to each other, so the secondary server was trying to take control.  This then cause all of our agents to fail over, but calls could get lost as the primary server actually was fully functioning.  This lead us to another TAC case on an error on a router near the secondary server that was causing the loss of heartbeat.  Problem is, that router cannot come down for some time and is due to just be replaced at the end of the year.


So now, maybe not entirely to my liking; we/someone wants to try just having the primary running and then if worse comes to worse, we can start the secondary back up again and I am curious what the best procedure to do that would be.  Hopes would be that this somehow would at least stop the random fail-overs, even if it doesn't actually address the real issue.

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Hi jstickney,We are having

Hi jstickney,

We are having problems with an HA UCCX cluster that keeps failing over as well. I know for a fact that if you shut down the engine on one of the servers (Serviceability, Tools, Control Center-Network Services) it will force the other to become Master.

May I ask what your router was doing to cause a loss of heartbeats between your UCCX servers?

New Member

I have to rely on another guy

I have to rely on another guy for the router, switches and UCM side of things and he hasn't said exactly what the error message is, but that he called into TACs and it is supposed to only be cosmetic, and a reboot of the router would clear it.   Unfortunately, where that router is; it will not be brought down until the end of the year on a maintenance window.


At any rate; the UCCX server has been ruled out as we have had multiple tickets with TACS for the UCCX then to the UCM and they both have been pointing to a network issue that does not get avoided by having the secondary server down, mainly because we do have a CM publisher and subscriber on the same network.

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