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UCCX Queue Name Missing from CAD


We recently upgraded our voice system to v8.5. We have two teams using UCCX, a day team and a 24-hour team. Our queues are configured for Most Skilled with a minimum skill level of 3. The users on the 24-hour team are skilled at level 2 for the day time queues so they don't receive their calls during the day, and when the day crew shift is over their queues roll over to the 24-hour team. When this happens the 24-hour team can't see the name of the queue that is being called. They can see their own queue names, and the day crew can see their own queue names, but the 24-hour team can't see the day crew queue names after hours. Previously we were running version 7 and this worked fine, but it hasn't worked since the upgrade. The 24-hour crew can only see the caller ID of the day crew queue caller, not the name of the queue being called. I've compared the configurations between servers and I can't find any issues. I believe it to be a permissions issue since the queue name is displayed properly for each team, but I can't find an issue. If anyone has any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Nick

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UCCX Queue Name Missing from CAD

Can you attach a screenshot of what you're referring to? Are you talking about CSD or CAD? If CAD, is this enterprise data or ?

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UCCX Queue Name Missing from CAD

Jonathan, thank you for your reply. Attached is an image of the CAD, but not with the problem unfortunately. Our server is UCC Express 8.5. In the image, the caller's phone number appears in the ANI field of the left pane, and the queue being called into is displayed as the description of CSQ in the right pane. This works without issue for the 24 hour team and for the day team, however when the day team wraps up for the day and their CSQs roll over to the 24 hour team, only the ANI displays. It does not display the CSQ description. And since callers could be calling from the office, or home, or cell, the 24 hour team can't tell which CSQ they are calling and don't know how to answer the call (i.e. Thank you for calling ______ helpdesk."). This worked on the former 7.1 Express version. I will try to get a snapshot of the CAD from someone overnight and post tomorrow if it will help. Thanks again! Nick

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