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UCCX Real time Reporting - Engine Tasks not clearing

I've got a couple of VERY basic test scripts that I wrote for testing session management from one script to the next.  I finally got the scripts to work, but I've been getting this error message when the first script completes (after the call is transferred to the second script):

Contact ID: <xxxxx>, Contact is inactive when getting channel.

I didn't really think too much of it until I decided to look in RTR to make sure nothing was getting hung.  Turns out, when I view the "Engine Tasks", one task exists for each time I've called each script.  There are 11 tasks right now and periodically other tasks will pop in and out from our production scripts, as they are supposed to.  I'm assuming I will have to restart the engine service to clear the tasks (although letting it go overnight seems to have cleared the tasks from yesterday), but what am I doing wrong in the script that is not clearing the tasks? 

For moving the call from the first script to the second script, I am using a "Call Redirect".  In the "Successful" branch, it goes through a "Set Contact Info" and marks the call as handled, then a "Go to Terminate" step, which is where the error is generated the script ends. It never actually makes it to the "End" step.



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Hi,how long do they stay


how long do they stay there? They go away after a period of time (in a few minutes) usually.


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Tasks from our normal,

Tasks from our normal, production scripts seem to go away pretty quickly, but the tasks from my test scripts do not.  I saw some in there yesterday that were 4 and 5 hours and counting.  I wasn't able to check at the end of my day so I don't know exactly how long the were there, but they aren't there anymore.  So I'm guessing they either finally timed out or something runs overnight to clear out any stragglers.

Any thoughts on what I might be missing in my scripts?

Hi, would you mind posting

Hi, would you mind posting the script or at least a screenshot of the relevant parts?

I guess a task stays there as a zombie for some reason, but I don't really understand why and how it eventually gets cleaned up.



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I made one change to my

I made one change to my script that was able to get rid of the error message, but the Engine Tasks are still there.  I tested this morning and just checked; they are still going at 4.5 hours.

I've attached a screenshot of the first script.  As you can see, it is very basic, but I feel like I am missing something.  I didn't post the second script, but it is very similar, except no call redirect.  It has the same behavior in that it still creates an Engine Task that takes many hours to clear.

Thanks for taking a look!

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