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UCCX realtime display on plasma screen?

I'm hoping this will be very simple to answer, despite the fact I have found it impossible to find a comprehensive answer online.

For UCCX 7.x and 8.x is it possible to display multiple real-time charts (such as average hold time; average speed to answer etc. ) on a supervisor desktop at the same time, and thus make it practical/reasonable to display this desktop on a plasma screen to use as a wallboard?

I see there are numerous 3rd party solutions for realtime displays, but I'd like to try and get a definitive answer on whether it is practical without a 3rd party add on.  I'm very happy just to be pointed at some good information or demos to figure it out for myself, just haven't been able to find any so far :-|



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UCCX realtime display on plasma screen?


There's not a good way to do it with the Supervisor in my opinion. I've seen customers set this up on a plasma and use free 'zoom' utilities to expand the bits of the display they are interested in but it's not something I'd ever offer to a customer as a solution. Some also use the UCCX real-time reports system in the same way.

There are free wallboards out there (e.g., or search these forums for 'free wallboard'), but in general you do get what you pay for if you go for a good one - e.g. you can customise the display and stats, thresholds etc and can often integrate to other systems (e.g. CRM or whatever) to get more mileage from your investment.



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