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UCCX Remote Worker Setup Problem

I have a few Call Center employees with office setups (IP Phone, PC, etc) and with a home office setup (IP Phone, ASA, PC, etc), the ASA powers and terminates a VPN back to our corporate office that provides the IP phone connectivity to our UCM Cluster and UCCX server. Both phones are the exact same (i.e. shared lines for their normal phone line and for their UCCX line). The problem I am having is that when they are working from home (logged into the Call Center client from home and not at work) and they are on a call the other phone at the office will act like it is not busy and will ring. So 2 Phones, shared UCCX line, logged in Remotely, if you are using the remote phone the office phone will ring like that line isnt being used and will count as an abandonded call. Does anybody know how I can over come this? Should I just add another UCCX line for the remote phone? Or is there another way I can handle this?

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Re: UCCX Remote Worker Setup Problem

This configuration is not supported. The CCX ACD line can appear on only ONE device as explained in the SRND. If the user will be using multiple phones, you must assign the CCX ACD line to a Device Profile which the user can then log in using Extension Mobility (to only one phone at a time) with.

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