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UCCX report from external sources

Good morning support community,

Currently I have UCCX v9 and CUIC Premiun v9 and I was wondering if it is possible to link via HTML or other method report from uccx; for example, I have a custom report called "Handled vs Abandoned" and I would like to run it every hour and have the results in my solarwinds dashboard.


I tried to link the HTML source code CUIC gave me but it didn't work :(

I know I can create an ODBC connection to the server, but I don't know the database structure and is not going to help me.

In CUIC I can edit the report and customize the grids, but I cannot find the query :(


What other option do I have?


Thank you! :)

Rolando Valenzuela



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Good morning support

Good morning support community,

What do you think should be the best option to run/pull reports from UCCX using a third party solution?


Thank you!

Rolando Valenzuela

Hi,there are several options


there are several options:

1. Copy/synchronize the internal historic database of UCCX with your own database server and use the latter as the data source of your reports. I have a very similar setup, with UCCE though, but from the technical point of view, this is irrelevant.

2. Use the internal UCCX DB as your database for running custom queries. The database schema is available, all you need to have is some SQL.

3. Embed a CUIC report into your web. Iframe should work (should = I did not test it myself).


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Rolando, Our 3rd party

Rolando, Our 3rd party solution, either as an ASP or On-Prem option - most likely can accomplish your desired result.  If interested to discuss details - please contact me.  Ron Reif / SMSI /

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