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UCCX reporting based on product models instead of queues

Hello experts,

Our customer is planning to deploy UCCX 8.5 or 9.0. They are going to have a main script created in such a way that caller will be offered to select company divisions, category, items,  and product models. Queues will be based on company divisions but they want report based on product models.

Is this achievable using builtin historical reporting? Or we need to get a 3rd party solution? If we need a 3rd party solution then which one would you recommend?

I was reading this thread and according to my understanding, the above can be achieved by

populating one of the custom variables in the script with the option that the caller has picked and then run the report based on that variable. Is my understanding correct? Would this solution work with our requirements?

Thanks in advance

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UCCX reporting based on product models instead of queues


You can log more or less whatever data you like as a result of caller input (i.e. responses to menu selectections, DTMF etc). 

That can then be exported using the custom variable report, and your customer or you can then use Excel or whatever tools you like to make that data into a proper readable report.

You can also optionally construct new reports (obviously the built in reports don't know what data you are going to input, so there isn't one for your specific purpose) by writing SQL procedures and Crystal Report templates that you then distribute to the HRC client. That's not straight forward work; you'll want someone with good SQL and Crystal skills.

I'd give some consideration to how you imagine the IVR to work - it sounds like the customer will be entering a lot of stuff over the phone and you might end up with a very deep/complicated/unfriendly system for the customer. You would almost certainly require DB integration (i.e. Premium UCCX) and may want to consider TTS/ASR functionality.



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UCCX reporting based on product models instead of queues

Thanks Aaron.

What type of scripting would you recommend in this solution without complicating things? Going with DB integration would be last resort for us to keep things simple from support and deployment perspective.

Seems like going with custom variable is ok.



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