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UCCX rings twice then disconnects on one hunt pilot to 7942's - works on others

I have an IVR script that I am running at a client's location.  There are three hunt pilots which all go to phones in a retail store.  The IVR says something like 1 for sales (xfer to 1996), 2 for deliveries (external number), 3 for cust service (xfer to 1997), 4 for general information (xfer to 1998).

When I hit 1 to transfer to sales, I hear 2 rings and then a disconnect happens.  When I push 3 or 4, it transfers fine.  I have rebuilt the hunt pilot, hunt list and LG twice.  When I choose one of the hunt pilots for customer service or for general information (1997, 1998) it works fine.  There has to be something wrong but I can't figure out what ??  The phones were all BAT'd in on the same file, and all have the same CSS, line partitions, and restrictions.

Does anyone know something I can look for?

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I figured it out...  I had

I figured it out...  I had rebuilt the hunt group infrastructure trying to figure out the issue.  Turns out my customer had gone back in and changed the RNA to 8, and the handling for no connection wasn't working.

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