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UCCX script sending call to vm

I created this script. I validated it with the validate tool. It sits quietly for a few seconds then it rings and then gives me a recording that the system is currently experience a system error. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: UCCX script sending call to vm

If script validation checks out o.k. then it could be something mistyped.

I would check the variable values for proper spelling. Also check to make sure any subflows are routed to "working" scripts.

I couldn't open your script. What version are you using?

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Re: UCCX script sending call to vm

I am using 7.0. I started all over with a new script. My call redirect goes to an extension that has voicemail. Right now all I need to do with this script is that if no one answers or all agents are busy the call will go to vm.

Currently all this script does is keep looping with the message all agents are busy etc.


Re: UCCX script sending call to vm

Couple of things.

1. I don't think you need to keep looping through the Select Resource Step in your 1st script. You should just loop as you do in the 2nd script.

2. To transfer to VM, do the following:

a.Dequeue the call

b.Accept the contact

c.Call Transfer to VM (or call consult).


But I would have thought it would be nice to allow the users to stay on hold for a while and give them an option to leave a VM - perhaps by pressing the * or # or something. If you want to do this you cannot put them on hold - you will have to play a 20 second music prompt

Hope this is useful



Re: UCCX script sending call to vm

hi There

i did updated your script to work as you want

to let you kow what i did

first i did reporting step to get the agents in ready state

if non-of your agent in ready state = 0

then the call will be redirected to voice mail


first make sure to put your VM sytem main number in the VM variable

and in the properties i chosen the preserve option in this case you need to create a VM box with Extention number same as the apllication triger number of this secript

the above steps have been repeated within the queue ( although it is not required becuase if there is no agent ready from the first stepo they will be sent to the VM

please if helpful Rate

good luck

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