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UCCX Script - sending to VM

Dear All,

I am very new user of Cisco Systems, I have installed and integrated CUCM with UCCX both version 7.0 as per Cisco document. For the contact center I am using the basic ICD Script with a very little modification of adding MoH when the caller is in queue.

I just want to do couple of things

·         When the caller extends more than 5 minutes in the queue the call should go to the Voice Mail system.

·         When any caller calls during out of office hours it should go to the Voice Mail directly.

Can anyone please explain me how I can achieve this task.



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Re: UCCX Script - sending to VM

There's a lot of good examples in the Cisco Script Repository that you can look at to get an idea of how they're built. For the queueing part, one (very simple) way would be to setup the delay of the music to 5 minutes (if you don't have any break for announcements/options within the queue itself) and right after that have a call redirect to the voicemail box extension. See below. You can also use the Get Reporting Statistic to get the wait time if you're looping the queue and use the IF statement to do something like If WaitTime > 300 and use Call Redirect if it's true.

Call Hold

Delay 5 minutes

Call Unhold

Call Redirect - to voicemail box ext

For the time of day routing, you can use the Day of the Week and the Time of Day combination to come up with  that logic. Use the Call Redirect on that as well for afterhours.

Hope that helps...

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Re: UCCX Script - sending to VM

Check this out too. The docs in this link help explain each and every one of the options you can use...

Re: UCCX Script - sending to VM

I'm not sure you really want to put the caller on hold for 5 minutes without hearing a prompt, nothing pisses a customer off more than hearing nothing as opposed to hearing something akin to "We're sorry you're on hold" etc etc.

You'd be better to create an int variable, call it counter


if(counter >= 10)


          Call redirect step (destination = voicemail pilot, called number = voicemail box number)


          Call hold

          Delay 30

          Call unhold

          Play Prompt (prompt = "we're sorry message")

          Increment counter

          Goto QueueLoop

Tanner Ezell
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