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Uccx script to detect RNA 5 times problem

Hi all,


I am writing uccx script to be able to detect Ring No Answer (RNA) when agent is not at the desk. I want to detect RNA 5 times then prompting Caller with "Sorry, Agent is not available at this time"

Problem is, when caller hearing "Sorry, Agent is not available at this time" , the last agent phone state is " reserve". I want the script to let go Agent's phone to become Ready state

My RNA on service parameter is set to " Ready " state

Here is my script and Variable

Name                     Type                       value
uAgent                   User                        null
bCallFromQueue   boolean                   false
RnaCounter             int                          0
Agent_RNA             int                           0


thank you




Hi, let me get this straight:

Hi, let me get this straight: if the agent's phone rings and the agent does not answer the agent status remains "Reserved"?


New Member

Yes  Agent's phone is

Yes  Agent's phone is reserved as long as caller in a playing script. 

I want to let go agent to ready state after 5-times RNA 


How can i do that ?

At a very basic level, you

At a very basic level, you have no control of scripting RNA scenarios in UCCX.

Here is a test for you to validate what I am saying:

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