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UCCX Script to redirect calls if no agents are logged in

Our call center has a single agent on duty during the early morning and when they go to lunch they would like calls to be forwarded to alternate locations depending on the caller inputs (connection). I'll admit I don't know much about UCCX scripting but could this be accomplished by adding a call redirect on "unsuccessfull" that triggers specific numbers for each connection? I appreciate your help.

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UCCX Script to redirect calls if no agents are logged in

Sure, looks like there already is a check in an agent is logged in that redirects the call to "Voicemail_Transfer_Number", if you want it to go somewhere else simply change the destination.

Also, if the destination is an external number make sure the CTI Ports have proper CSS to route the call.



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UCCX Script to redirect calls if no agents are logged in

      Thanks for getting back to me on this. I should clarify my current setup and what I need it to do. Right now what's happening is that callers are hitting the call tree and inputting their selection. Everything works fine if the agent is logged in but if the agent is logged out, calls are being dropped.

     For example, a caller presses "1" which is linked to "Reservations" which in turn calls a queuing DN (ex. 1115051). However, when no agents are logged in, the call dies.

     As far as the agent check under "PBX", it seems like "PBX" is only triggered when the caller inputs "9" during the call tree or when they don't make a selection and are rolled into that queue.

     Also, I can change the "voicemail_transfer_number" as you suggested, however, I need calls to go different places depending on the caller selection. For example, we have an automated shuttle recording (DN 1114444) that I want users to go to if no agents are logged in. The rest of the calls can go to a front desk number. Is it possible redirect in this way?

     My main concern is why, when a caller press "1" is the call dropping instead of redirecting if no agent is logged in. Can I put an agent check like I have under "PBX" under every connection?

Thanks again for you help,


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