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UCCX Scripting /Business logic question


We Currently have a UCCX 8.5 system deployed with 10 agents and each agent is a CSQ of their own.One of the business requirement of the customer is

1.       Agent is on the phone with a customer and sees a call in queue.

2.       Agent clicks hold queue button – Call goes to the hold queue.

3.       The top priority call from the Agent’s CSQ routes to phone, if none, the top priority call from the Generic Eng/Spanish queue routes to agent.

4.       If the agent clicks the hold queue button again, the call on the phone and the call on hold swap.

5.       Alternatively, if the agent hangs up on the 2nd call, the call in the Hold queue is the first call to come back to the agent.

This was one of the funtionality in their old PBX.I have no way of accomodating it in UCCX.Any suggestion on the scripting would be really appreciated.




UCCX Scripting /Business logic question


The system will only deliver one call to an agent at a time.  One way around this would be to have the agent transfer the caller to their personal extension.  They answer the call on their personal extension and take another call.  Since you only have 10 agents, you could easily create a button on the CAD desktop to perform the transfer.


UCCX Scripting /Business logic question

I think you could get this to work.

You would need to create a hold CSQ for each agent and a script to route the call into that queue. You would then add a desktop button that did a blind transfer to the agents personal hold queue. That means a desktop layout for each agent.

Calls in the Agents Primary CSQ would need to be queued at priority 3. Calls in the Generic Eng/Spanish queue would be queued at priority 2 and calls to the agent hold queue would be initially be queued at priority 1.

When the agent pushed their call into the hold queue they would become free and get the next highest priority call waiting.

I think you would need to initially queue the call in the agents hold queue at priority 1 for say 5 seconds and then increase its priority to 4. Then if they push their second call into the hold queue the next call they should get would be the initial call they pushed in as it would now be the highest priority call waiting for them.

You may need to experiment a little with times and priorities but I can see this working for you.

Post back if you get it to work.


UCCX Scripting /Business logic question

I'm trying to understand the use case for doing something like this.  This sounds like horrible customer service.  What is the reasoning behind it?


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