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UCCX - Scripting to find nearest location

Has anyone done any scripting integration with a 3rd part app that helps you script a call flow such that a caller can enter his/her zip code and the system can spit out the 3 closest locations? I don't plan to script this within IPCCX as there are too many zip codes to code but am interested instead in how to integrate with such app. Any recommendations on how and which apps are good to use out there?


Re: UCCX - Scripting to find nearest location

I would recommend you using web application to get your desired result.  Using UCX script and making webdoc, createxml, ...xml calls you can supply the zip code to web application, get the answer back from the webservice and then take necessary action.

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Re: UCCX - Scripting to find nearest location

The UCCXD training course covers just this thing. It used DB get, read to match the entered postcode against a list of physicians that cover a particular group of postcodes/zipcode. It worked fine but no use for us in UK as the postcode contains letters and numbers.

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