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UCCX Scripting

Can someone tell me if it is possible within a script to randomly choose prompts within a queue within the select resource step?


Re: UCCX Scripting

Could you explain what you're trying to do a little more clearly please.

Tanner Ezell
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Re: UCCX Scripting

One of my BU's has 20 marketing messages which they would like to randomly play during the time someone is sitting in a queue. Does that help?

Re: UCCX Scripting

Assuming you want to play them all at once, you can use the Create Container Prompt Step, select "Randomization" as the Type, add your prompts and weights. The higher the weight, the more likely it'll be played.

Tanner Ezell
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Re: UCCX Scripting

Everything I find indicates that a random prompt will play 'more' or have a higher priority with a higher weight, but I can't find anything that indicates how much more?

If I have 6 prompts [prompt1-prompt6] with the following weights:

prompt1 % 5

prompt2 % 1

prompt3 % 1

prompt4 % 1

prompt5 % 1

prompt6 % 1

would this mean that prompt1 would play 50% of the time (weight of 5 divided by total weights of 10)

OR would this play 5x as often as the remaining prompts

OR something else completely?

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