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UCCX Soap request with wav attachment

I am trying to modify my working UCCX 9.0 soap request so that I can send a wav recording from the caller.  I understand that there are several ways that an attachment could be handled by a soap request, inline, mime or mtom.

Has anyone done an attachment like this?


Hi, it depends. Mainly on the

Hi, it depends. Mainly on the size of the WAV file. You can base64 encode a binary like a recording and send it in the SOAP request but again, it would put some load on both UCCX (base64encode) and the SOAP server (base64decode). I would consider uploading the recording to the UCCX repository and send its URL within the SOAP request. Yes, this would mean a two-step transaction for the SOAP server (1. reading and parsing the SOAP request, 2. downloading the WAV file) but in my opinion this is  a more KISS approach.


New Member

I can appreciate your point

I can appreciate your point about the load of encoding and decoding the wav file.  I can guess that to load the wav file into the repository would be similar to how a prompt recording application would load new prompts. However wouldn't the soap server have to log into the CRS administration site to download the wav file.  Also the wav files would left in the repository so I would have to come up with something clean up after the wav file was downloaded. The url method not sounding as simple as just encoding the wav file.

Hi, that's a valid point

Hi, that's a valid point indeed about the necessity of cleaning up ie. removing the downloaded file from UCCX. Did not think that through.

Do you need assistance with building the encoding/decoding solution? I think I might have a script or a script fragment somewhere in my lab.


New Member

If you have any scripting

If you have any scripting regarding the encoding/decoding that would be great since I am starting from scratch.

New Member

I found another post that you

I found another post that you made previously.

If you have made any other changes please let me know