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UCCX Teleworker Agents & Voice Recording

We are considering offering agents located at home, with ADSL connections, the opportunity to be part of the contact centre. CAD is likely to be accessed in a thin client environment alongside a physical IP Phone. However, even with a thin or thick client to access CAD, one of the main issues is voice recording which is curreently achieved by R/SPANing the Voice VLAN within the contact centre locations to copy the RTP streams to the Voice Recorder (Witness).

Is there any solution for providing voice recording for home users which are several L3 hops away across a SP's infrastructure?

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Re: UCCX Teleworker Agents & Voice Recording


A lot of this will depend on your voice recording solution.

The recording solution in CRS (ad-hoc mainly) works by SPANning the traffic, or by having the CAD software sniff the traffic and stream it back to the recording service.

If you use thin client deployment of CAD, desktop monitor recording (i.e. CAD sniffing the phone) isn't possible.

With CRS, the component that monitors the SPAN traffic actually looks for the MAC address of the phone, so if there are L3 hops between the incoming (PSTN) gateway and the phone then the SPAN must originate from the phone VLAN/subnet.

Other solutions are more intelligent and look at the source/dest IP addresses, and therefore aren't broken by L3 hops.

I would suggest here that perhaps your best option would be to speak to Witness. It may be that you can simply SPAN your PSTN gateway ports (presumably at your head office or somewhere central) and this will pick up all customer calls. This wouldn't pick up agent-to-agent calls, but this may not be an issue for you.



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