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UCCX upgrading problem "does not match any filter pattern"


I am upgrading from UCCX on vm version to version and im getting the invalid upgrade.  Name does not match any filter pattern.  I am seeking to solve that problem and I got the information that I have to upload the "cop file" before do upgrade. Below the cop file that I already tried to upload.

1. ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.1.cop.sgn

2. ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.2.cop.sgn


But when I try the 2 points above, I always get the error message :

***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR

***** ERROR *****

Critical error during installation of cop ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.1.cop

 ERROR: This cop file is not applicable to this version ( This cop file is

intended to be installed only on the following versions UCCX 802 SU4 ( and 851

SU3 (

***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR ***** ERROR

***** ERROR *****


Anyone please kindly help me to solve my issue so that I can upgrade my CCX :)




VIP Super Bronze

The error message tells you

The error message tells you how to solve this: first upgrade to 8.5(1)SU3 or SU4. The 9.0(2) release notes also state this:

 Ensure that you are on Version 8.0(2)SU4 or 8.5(1)SU3 or 8.5(1)SU4 to apply the COP patch file.

If you are running on a lower version, you must upgrade to 8.0(2)SU4 or 8.5(1)SU3 or 8.5(1)SU4

and apply the COP patch file later.


You'll need to download and install this file before running the refresh COP file: UCSInstall_UCCX_8_5_1_UCOS_8.5.1.11004-25.sgn.iso

New Member

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your

Hi Jonathan,


Thanks for your response. It's a great answer for me. I will do your advice to try solve my problem.

Thank You.



New Member

I had the same problem.  I

I had the same problem.  I installed the filt ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.6.cop.sgn and then it was able to find the version 10 install file.

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