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UCCX - Where and how to set finesse callvariable?


I am new to CCX and finesse and I must be missing something very obvious because I can't find the information going through the online documentation. All the documentation I found explain how to add a callVariable/ECC variable into the "Manage CallVariable Layout" in finesse, but I can't find anywhere where it is explained how to define/set what those variable should be/point to. So currently when I look at the report I just have a list of blank callVariable1 to 10...

Thanks in advance


Hi,you can set the value of a


you can set the value of a CallVariable or ECC variable in your script. Use the Set step, perhaps.


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Gergely, Thanks for your



Thanks for your answer.

That put me in the right direction.

If someone needs a more precise answer, it is indeed in the script that the value needs to be assigned to these callVariable# variables.

Along the script, collect in variables (that you define yourself  in your script) the values that you need. Then in your script, when needed add a the "Set Enterprise Call Info" object

for example when the call gets connected:

-- Select Resource


--------Set Enterprise Call Info


In that object, in the first "General tab" click on the [Add...] button to pass a script variable value to a callVariable# variable. For example


Names= Call.PeripheralVariable1 (which refers to callVariable 1 in the "Manage CallVariable Layout" in "finesse Administration")

Tokens= All (tokens can be used for arrays. So you can pass 1 script variable value to Call.PeripheralVariable1 token 0 and then another script variable value to Call.PeripheralVariable1 token 1. The result will display something like "value 1 | value 2")

The "Extended Call Variables" tab is used to pass values to the ECC variables.

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Hello Gergely,I have followed

Hello Gergely,

I have followed the steps in passing values to ECC variable by using Set Enterprise Call Info step and here is the thread that I follow and have pasted my steps where I need assistance to know why I am unable to see values over Finesse Desktop.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.


M Taha


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