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UCCX7 Server based recording/monitoring

I have looked and looked and I can't find a single bit of documentation that has all the steps for setting this up?? Is there such a thing can anyone point me in the right direction?



Re: UCCX7 Server based recording/monitoring

To let the UCCX server do all the recording do the following:

1. Enable the 2nd NIC on the UCCX server.

2. Setup a SPAN port on the switch that you will plug this 2nd NIC into and let the SPAN port monitor the voice VLAN.

3. Plug in the 2nd NIC into the SPAN port.

4. Run c:\program files\cisco\desktop\bin\postinstall.exe on the UCCX server.

5. In the VoIP monitor service section Select the 2nd NIC from the dropdown when it asks which NIC should be used for monitoring and recording. Then apply and exit.

6. Restart the VOIP Monitor Service.

7. In the Desktop Administrator. Set the default VoIP Monitor server to the local UCCX server. (In V7 of UCCX this is done in the web browser desktop admin tool)

Recall that SPAN is local to the switch and/or layer 2 LAN that the switch is connected to. You may need to enable RSPAN if you have a layer 3 link. For best results, put the UCCX server and the agents are on the same layer 2 LAN / VLAN.

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Re: UCCX7 Server based recording/monitoring

In addition to my above statement...

If you are using CAD, on the UCCX server be sure to uncheck the "Enable Desktop Monitoring" in the Desktop Administator. (WEB version in 7.x)

On the SPAN port for 29xx, 35XX, and 37XX switches.

1. Make sure to set the SPAN port to be an access port in the voice VLAN of the UCCX server.

2. The monitor session should be a 'rx' only session. Do not set it as 'both' or your recordings will sound slow and/or very robotic.

3. If you can, only monitor the ports that the UCCX agents are plugged into. If not, filter the SPAN port to only listen to the voice VLAN.

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