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UCCX9 Outbound preview dialler dialtime question

Looking at an outbound campaign on UCCX and can see that as well as setting a start and finish time for the campaign you can also specify a dialtime for each contact.

I can't see anywhere though where the behaviour of this is documented.  Is it the exact time to the minute that the contact is called?  What occurs if there are no free agents available at this time? Will it defer the call and if so for how long past the stated time? or will it simply miss the call time and then never call the contact?

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Are you familiar with the

Are you familiar with the REST API for this? You should be able to get the appropriate "configurations" and even status for what you are looking for with it if you can..leaving you with a link to get the documentation on it...let me know if it helps..

When you add a new campaign,

When you add a new campaign, the "Callback Time Limit" setting allows you to adjust how long the system will try an outbound call past the scheduled time.  Essentially, the system will try the outbound call from the scheduled time to however many minutes this setting is configured for.


Callback Time Limit

The duration before and after the scheduled callback time during which the Outbound subsystem attempts to place a callback. For example, if a callback was scheduled for 9:30 am and if the Callback Time Limit is set to 15 minutes, then the Outbound subsystem calls the customer anytime between 9:15 am to 9:45 am.

Default = 15 minutes, Range = 1 to 60 minutes.


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