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Unity call tree and IPCC queue schedule question

I've created a bit of a problem for my self without knowing it

Prior to my working here we had CCM and Unity, I have added an IPCC box.  Everything remained ok here as far as closed and open messages went because our phone answering schedules did not change.  In the last year we shortened our phone hours and at the time I didn't realize we had closed call handler messages that list different times then our new call hours.  The two easy answers I have come up with are re-record all of those closed messages with the correct times and no '0' out option, I don't have the money for our recording services to do this currently and we don't want to have a different voice on our closed messages.

The second option is why I'm posting here.  I have 5 departments that are the primary users of IPCC and when the '0' option is still open to callers these people get put into queue when in reality phones are closed.  I have not found a way to tell IPCC to close off accepting new calls at a certain time other then what Unity controls for me.  My other option is only slightly less annoying then a caller being in queue for 12 hours waiting for us to open again and that is using the same open message as the closed message but in the closed setting I would ignore the '0' option that is played in the recording.  So my real idea is to make that '0' option point to a very primitive call handler (one for each department in question).  This call handler would only utilize open and closed schedule to determine what to do. During phone hours it would just forward any incoming calls to the correct IPCC queue extension (I forget the IPCC name for those specific numbers), if it was after hours then that call handler would play the closed greeting saying something really basic like "we are currently closed.  our phone hours are such and such. please call back between those times or visit the website......."  Doing it this way would only make me cut 2 recordings, 1 english 1 spanish, instead of 36.

After all that my question is; is it possible to make a call handler just pass through during the day and play a closed message at night?  Obviously if the department budget wasn't tight re-recording would be the best option.  Does anyone have a better solution that I didn't ramble on about?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

CCM 6.1

Unity 5.0

IPCC 5.0 Enhanced

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Re: Unity call tree and IPCC queue schedule question

I have experience with this, and Unity is the wrong place to have the exotic call handlers (acting as menus) with a zero out that takes the call to IPCC. I'm sure this is historical - as it was with other companies that had Unity acting as a menu system.

It's better the other way around - all calls come into UCCX first. You will have better control of the opening hours, the menu options, agents logged in and so on and be able to direct calls to Unity for

1. dial by name

2. dial by extension

3. leave a message

It does depend on your licencing though - if you have a ton of Unity capacity and very small UCCX port capacity, you may not be able to hold calls in UCCX while you play the menu.

Since you have no money the best you can do is align the hours of Unity and IPCC agents. If they zero out, it first runs a Unity call handler that checks the hours and plays a simple message if outside the IPCC hours. That was what you indicated in your post and I agree.



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Re: Unity call tree and IPCC queue schedule question

I see your point and yes you are correct we don't have a ton of ports on IPCC to be able to handle people listening to the call handlers as well as hold people for the queues.  At the end you mention aligning the hours of the two systems.  I haven't found a spot in IPCC that let's me put the call queues in a closed state.  Is it a built in feature or is it something I have to add to the script?  I didn't build up the system myself, I was the resource for a vendor to build it while I answered questions about what we had and what we wanted.


Re: Unity call tree and IPCC queue schedule question

Sure - opening days (M-F), opening hours and holiday processing is the first thing you do in UCCX or IPIVR scripts. There are lots of examples - just download a couple of samples from Cisco, or look through here and you'll score some.

You do have to have it in the script. You can pass variables down from the web page that activates it, but opening hours is normally done by the script evaluating the current day/time when the call starts (after "Accept") and comparing "now" against the  config.



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