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Unity Report for voicemail option selection from IPCCX IVR


In my seup of IPCCX6.0(prem version),CCM 4.3 and unity 4.5 ,the customer wants to know everyday, how many voice mails are left by the caller. and also at the end of the month,

i.e. he wants to generate a report.

when the customer presses option to leave voicemail, the IPCCX redirects call to unity mailbox number and records the message.

When I generate report using "Subscriber message activity report" from unity I see that this report gives lot of extra

information like MWI On/off. and the total number of voice messages left at any time.

This totel voicemessage count shows 0 messages once the subscriber empties the mailbox.

So my worry is if the subscriber deletes the messages at any time, the report will not show the cottect count at the end of

day or at the end of month.

Is my understanding correct?

Also for this unity report, why this report doesn't show caller ID of caller leaving voicemail?

Is there any other way of generating report for voice messages from unity for this purpose?


Re: Unity Report for voicemail option selection from IPCCX IVR

To enable playing of caller ID information from incoming voice-mail messages, use the voicemail callerid command in Cisco Unity Express configuration mode.

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Re: Unity Report for voicemail option selection from IPCCX IVR

Hi irisrios,

I am using Cisco unity 4.0 unified messaging and not the express version.

Can caller Id be played with the message or can I get to see the caller id in call handler reports?

(I am forwarding voicemessge clals from IPCCX to unity mailbox and then linking it to call handler.then use the unity call handler report to generate detsils of voice messages).


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