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Updating a Variable in a different Script

UCCX 7.0.2

CCM 7.0.1

I manage an IT help desk for a mid-size law firm and I am working on updating our UCCX script. One feature that is desired is the ability to have a variable greeting if there is a know issue. i.e. 'Email if Office XYZ is down. If you call is pretaining to this issue, we aware of it and are working on the issue"

I found in the sampe scripts the basePromptRecord script which is a great start. This would be a separate scritp and trigger for only my IT group to call into and update the 'promptOutage'. I can also figure out how to prompt IT and set t boolean varialbe to true or false to enable or disable the prompt.

Now to my question. Like a subflow script. Is there a way to not run a subflow but simply check an existing varialbe in a separate .aef script and base an If then stament on it.

The idea for the call flow. The Main trigger for the help desk is hit. The script currently hits a subflow to check to see if it is a holiday. False move on where this booleanOutage varialbe would be checked and if it is true play the outage prompt then feed into a menu. 1 to log the call as yes that is what they were calling about, 2 no I'd like to go into the help desk queue.


Re: Updating a Variable in a different Script

You could do this with an XML document - that's how most people have solved this type of application communication problem. One writes the XML document and the other reads it.

Can't you store something on the Session structure and have it used by another application. If not, what is the Session structure for?



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Re: Updating a Variable in a different Script

Makes sense

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