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Updating skill group name & best practice

If I have a skill group name and say the name has changed due to department name being changed. I could do ita few ways:

Option: 1

I could update the sameskill group in Skill goup explorer and it would automotically update the scripts and agent having  that skill set.

Option: 2

Also other option is that I could add the new skill group and then will have to manually assign the agents to these.

What is the better practice ?

Option 1 involves less work and also places where  is used is updated. Will the reporting be impacted or will both old and new skill group show up in CUIC

on option1. I need to test that and will out after the ICM/cuic sync happens.


Updating skill group name & best practice

I would just do Option 1. This will update the name in the database entry for that Skill Group. CUIC will show the new name for the skill group, and all reports run on that skill group will show data from before and after the name change.


Community Member

Updating skill group name & best practice

That is what I though so too.  Just wanted to confirm the same. Thx

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