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Upgrading of UCCX in HA mode


Running UCCX 8.5.1-10000-37 in a HA mode.

Currently we are facing Voice Recording/Silent monitoring issue. So TAC suggeste to upgrade the UCCX to 8.5.1-SU2 along with the COP file installation.

Can the below mentioned process for upgradation will work????

If we shut down the secondary UCCX and do the upgradation and COP file installation on Primary UCCX only and do the testing.If it works fine on Primary then we can go ahead with the Secondary UCCX upgradation and COP file installation.Is it this process will work out?????

Because customer is worried about after the upgradation,if the existing setup will start giving some problem........please suggest me.

Also is it we need to uninstall CAD/CSD and install the new CAD/CSD after the upgradation??

Please help me out!!!

Thanks & Regards,


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Upgrading of UCCX in HA mode

Hi Krishna

The standard process is to upgrade the publisher, then the subscriber. Then once complete, you will 'switch version' and install the extra COP patch.

At this point - yes, you will need to upgrade CAD and CSD. You should do so on a small number of PCs and perform testing.

If succesful, upgrade HRC and the Script Editor wherever it is installed along with the remaining PCs.

As with CUCM, you have the option of doing a 'switch-version' again to get back to the current version of software, so you don't need to shut down servers etc.

You would of course also take a backup before doing anything.


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Upgrading of UCCX in HA mode

Hi Krishna,

Its always advisible to upgrade the HA setup one of the other i.e. master node first and slvae node second immediately.

There are many reasons behind it. Couple of them have been listed below.

1. CAD\CSD true upgrade will upgrade with first node, and will need to downgrade (which will not happen) if you dont perform the Second node upgrade immediately and incase if the failover to second node happens.

2. Recording feature works in a load balance more in UCCX HA setup, i.e. first call recording will happen on node1, second call recording will happen in Node2, and the 3rd recording again will go to that.

So better you perform the upgrade on both the nodes one after the other node.

Note: In case if you want to revert back to the previuos version there is always an option Switch version.

Hope it helps,


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Re: Upgrading of UCCX in HA mode

Once you've successfully upgraded, CAD will automatically upgrade the next time you launch it. You could try testing UCCX using CAD-BE (browser edition) before you kick off the upgrade to the clients themselves.

CAD-BE url: http://:6293/cadbe/frameset.jsp?myLocale=en_US

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