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Use IPCC script for 911 calls

Hello there - I have been asked to come up with a solution to try cutting down the number of false 911 calls we have. Currently our phone system has two route patterns for this (911, and 9911) as we use 9 to get an outside line. We have several dialing applications so simply changing the digit to get an outsidde line is not something the powers that be are willing to explore. What I was wondering is has anyone ever set up a script within IPCC that would play a message that says something like "You have dialed 911, if this is an emergency stay on the line, if not please hang up" then pause for 2 seconds and redirect the call. I am thinking that this would be the best solution to our issue but I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience in doing someting like that and if so what sort of possible issues one may face if going that route. Thank you for your help in advance.


Re: Use IPCC script for 911 calls

Yes, I can help you with this script but what I typically do is use a Route Pattern of 911? as opposed to 911

This will allow the interdigit timer to kick in (bump it down to 6 seconds or so).

The reason I like to do this is because I don't like having to rely on IPCC being up for 911 calls to work.

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Re: Use IPCC script for 911 calls

Thank you. That actually sounds like a little better idea than the route I was going but I'm not certain that I understand. Are you saying that I could create a route pattern of 911? rather than just 911? Where would i go about changing the interdigit timer for that route pattern? I have never tried to modify that or would the question mark at the end just force call manager to wait before routing the call? Sorry for the numerous questions but I would like to avoid using IPCC or Unity for this if possible. Thanks again.


Re: Use IPCC script for 911 calls

1. Change your 911 route pattern from "911" to "911?". This will match the pattern 9111111111111111111111 (or less). Basically, what will happen is that someone will dial 911 > they will wait for the interdigit timeout before it will actually be routed. This will give the caller a few seconds to realize what they have done. Below is a list of all the route pattern wildcards for your reference.

2. Lastly, change the interdigit timeout from 15000 to 6000:

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Re: Use IPCC script for 911 calls

Thanks for the response it makes much more sense now. I will see about implementing it during my next window since it looks like I will need to restart call manager to modify the interdigit timeout. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge on this.

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