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Using CUCM directory to present CallerID for internal callers into CAD - UCCX 8.5

I have implemented an application for our IT help desk. It would be benificial if the agent could see the callers name in the agent desktop. I've read the following discussion ( ) and cannot get it to work. i believe the trouble i am having is with the xml document. I created a xml document with "http://ccm:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectorylist.jsp?n="+ANI  and uploaded into documents in UCCX. i was hoping that my script would pull up this document, retrieve the new data and write over the old document, and then pull data from the document into a variable and then present it to the agent. When i ran the script it only pulls the field i want from the document in the repository and the same name always shows up.


Maybe i am over thinking this and there is an easier way.


Does anyone have a script that accomplishes this?




Hello there.I don't quite

Hello there.

I don't quite understand your solution or problem, but I will say this, you don't need to upload anything to the Document repository for this to work.  You will pull the XML results from CUCM for every single call in real-time, and then parse the results for the name.  It doesn't sound like that's what you are doing though.  Are you?

Anthony Holloway

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New Member

No that is not how i was

No that is not how i was trying to do it.


How do you suggest i pull the results and then parse the information to a variable?

Ok, no problem.  Try this:1.

Ok, no problem.  Try this:

1. Use the Get Call Contact Info Step to grab the ANI

2. Use the Set step to build the URL document you'll use in the next step

Set directory = URL["http://ccm:8080/ccmcip/xmldirectorylist.jsp?n="+ANI]

3. Use the Create XML Document step to fetch (HTTP GET) the results from CUCM

4. Use the Get XML Document Data step to fetch the first Name element from the XML Document

XPATH Example: "//Name"

The results from Step 4 will be null when there's no matches and will also only return the first result in the event there's multple matches.

Last, you should test this in a new blank script with an Active Debug.  Just fake the ANI value with a Set step instead of the Get Call Contact Info step.  Then press F10 to step through the script.  Once you've proven that it works, swap in the Get Call Contact Info Step and then plug it into your production script.

Anthony Holloway

Please use the star ratings to help drive great content to the top of searches.
New Member

Hi FolksI have tried this. My

Hi Folks

I have tried this. My cucm is 10.5 and uccx is 10.6. I am not able to get this work

Just wondering any cucm directory url change in cucm 10.5

I am attaching my script snap shot



Hi Ratheesh,

Hi Ratheesh,

Did you manage to get this working? I am trying to implement this and am unable to get the directory lookup to work correctly, using UCM 11.0 then i browse too;


it returns with;

<Prompt>No records match</Prompt>
but if search on my name;
it does find me;
<Name>Simmons Richard</Name>

Answered my own question here

Answered my own question here, done a wireshark trace and can see the phone sends the following;


where %2B is the code for the +