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Using the DBWrite for menu statistics

Hey everybody, I've got a simple menu that I would like to do reporting on.  Right now it's just your average "for sales press 1, for sales press 2" but some of the menu options get forwarded outside of the facility so it's not like I can just look at CSQ statistics so I need a way to be able to count how many people are press 1 or 2 or what have you.  Does anybody have sample script I can look at?

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Re: Using the DBWrite for menu statistics

Hi, its easy to implement your query.

First of all you have to fill out the Following Pre-Requesite:

1> DSN from ControlPanel>Administrative Tools>Data Sources (ODBC)

2> Go to IPCC Admin (Application Administration)>Subsystems>Database>Add New Data Source>Make Datasource with same name etc as of ODBC DSN

3> Restart Engin *

4> Make a new table in SQL  Enterprise Manager  so that data can be stored.

Now in your code at Key1(Menu Tree Path1), Add DB Write Step, go to Properties.

Give any DB Resource Name

Datasource Name will be automatically available in drop down. If DSN is not available, press refresh button. *If still DSN is not available try restarting the Engin and check again untill DSN is available.

In SQL TAB, Add the query to insert record (Till now it can be any constant value)

In Test TAB, You can test your query.

Place DB Release Step. Go to properties and youll see the DB Resource Name is already selected that you give in DB Write Step.

Thats  the End for script.

For counting, you can use SQL Count query to count the required records.


Kashif Surhio

Re: Using the DBWrite for menu statistics

I think that you can use the Set Session Info step to set a custom variable based upon the response to the survey and report on it using the Call Custom Variables Report - see page 79 of the document below:

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