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Utilizing Crystal Reports to view multiple groups at a time via Sup. Desk.

My customer client has set up Crystal Reports to view custom reports from UCCX 5.0 historical database. They are now wanting to view reports from multiple teams simultaneously via the Supervisor Desktop or web page. Is this even possible?

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Re: Utilizing Crystal Reports to view multiple groups at a time

Most likely but Crystal probably isn't your answer. If they are referring to CSD I would suspect they want real time data. Crystal could only work with the historical reporting database that isn't real-time.

There are several wallboard applications out there and most run in a browser. These would give real-time data feeds and you could integrate them as a browser tab within CSD.

Inova Solutions:


IPCC Wallboard:

are two of the main ones I'm aware of.

If they really want historical reporting, Crystal Enterprise has a browser-based interface I believe. If not there are other reporting engines out there that could certainly integrate with the database. Any of them should be able to compare teams/queues/etc side by side on the report. They are just different columns/rows in the tables. If you haven't already, you probably want to replicate the database off-box for integration to these types of products to avoid impacting call processing.

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