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UUCX 9 agent status and call type

Dear Experts,

I have an issue with agent status. when the agent make an outbound call (not preview dialer), the status is changed to "not ready" . is there any way to change it to "talking state" instead of "not ready".

the other issue, when you run the agent detail report, the call type sometimes is "outbound on IPCC" and sometimes is "outbound on non-ipcc".

the agent has only one extension, and all outbound calls are initiated from the agent (not preview dialer)

thanks in advance


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UUCX 9 agent status and call type

Talking is only used on an ACD call. Direct inbound or outbound calls are considered Not Ready. You cannot change this behavior.

The second one, if in fact they only have a single DN on their phone, sounds like a defect. That might be worth a call to TAC if it impacts your operation.

Outbound on IPCC—Total

  Number of calls made by the agent on an IPCC extension, including calls attempted and calls connected.

Outbound on non-IPCC—Total

  Number of calls made by the agent on a non-IPCC extension. This number includes calls attempted and calls connected.

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Hi,We are having the same


We are having the same issue with the outbound calls reporting. Agents have only one extension on their phones and when they make outbound calls (using dial-pad on CAD or physical phone), it is showing up mostly on Outbound non-IPCC calls in the reports. We are running 9.0.2 UCCX. Any insight will be really helpful.




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UUCX 9 agent status and call type

what is the exact UCCX version . Can you please attach one sample report..

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