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Video on Demand Training for UCCE



anyone have a recommendation for Video based training for UCCE?  The only one I am finding with a web search is  Trying to compare theirs with something else before I make a purchase.



Thanks in advance!  All replies rated.

5 REPLIES returns

Hi. returns a message about the site not being available any more. I would not buy anything from them.

If you happen to be a Cisco Partner, you may have access to the PEC, there is a good number of materials there on UCCE.


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Thanks.  VideoBootcamp was up

Thanks.  VideoBootcamp was up as of Sunday.  They did have a pretty good sale going on so I guess the web site going off line explains the sale.

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The site was back up and not

The site was back up and not having any other option I made the purchase.  The DRM they use is clunky and I had some issues with it but they were pretty responsive in getting everything straightened out. I have really reviewed the material.  The site is down again as of this afternoon.  Not sure what's going on with that.

Hi,well, are we talking about


well, are we talking about online material (like streaming videos and stuff)? If I were you I would grab as much as possible now :-)


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Re: returns

Hello, I am not able to find UCCE videos on PEC. Please share the link.


Thanks !

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