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Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding


Is it posiible to to voice message forwarding also with Unity 4.0, with call forwarding.

i.e. IF A is going on leave and forwards his call to B, can he forward his voice messages also?



Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

Yes, there's a few ways you can do this.

You can set up a "send caller to" action which would forward to voicemail to your subscriber account after their message is played:

If you are unified you could also set up a forward on his exchange account to forward all the voicemails to you, that way you'd know where they were coming from?

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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

Hi Rajesh,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Tim (+5 points Tim:)

You really only have two choices here that I can think of (without sharing the Password)

If you were running Unity 5.x (which I know you aren't, but for future reference)you can config Unity to use the "Last Redirecting Number" on a Call Forward and have your user Forward to another person who is covering for them while they are away. This way the Messages will be left in the "covering" persons mailbox.

But in your case, if you don't want to have to re-config for each user Holiday I would encourage your users to record the "Alternate greeting" during a leave of absence that references callers to re-direct their call to the applicable number.

You can customize how Cisco Unity handles calls to subscribers who have the alternate greeting enabled. For example, you can specify that for as long as the alternate greeting is enabled, Cisco Unity:

•Transfers callers directly to the greeting without ringing the subscriber phone when calls are transferred from the automated attendant or a directory handler to the subscriber extension. (The subscriber phone will ring if an outsider caller or another subscriber dials a subscriber extension directly.) This option is particularly well-received by subscribers who share a phone.

•Prevent all callers from skipping the greeting. In this way, you can increase caller awareness of a subscriber absence.

•Prevent all callers from leaving messages. By specifying that Cisco Unity will prevent all callers from leaving messages, you can help reduce mailbox size when a subscriber is out of the office and does not plan to check messages regularly.

For Unity 4.x Versions;

For this configure a Voicemail profile (in CCM) for User B and apply it to User A that will allow this type of Call Forward to User B's mailbox.

Or in Unity set up Alternate Extensions so that User A is an Alternate Extension for User B etc. Sharing a Cisco Unity Voice Mail Box between Two or More IP Phones

Configure Alternate Extensions

Open the Unity System Administrator web page.

Navigate to the subscriber's profile. Select Subscribers > Find and Select a Subscriber > Enter Subscriber Information then click Find and click the Subscriber's name for the subscriber that owns the primary phone.

When the subscriber page comes up, select the Alternate Extensions option and click Add.

Enter the alternate extension number and click the Save icon.

From this good Unity doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

Hey Rob,

Long time since I talked to you. I'm at a different company/city now. Anyways, I saw your post about "Last Redirecting Number" and I now am working on a system that has Unity 7.0 w/ CUCM6.1 and I want to do exactly what you described.

We have a user that is no longer here and they want to keep the line up for a little bit till other people find out that the person is no longer employed here. So what I want to do is fwd xt 3328 --> 3384 and if user at 3384 is unavailable or on the phone callers will leave a vmail on 3384 not 3382. How do I do this? The forwarding works fine its that callers here the vmail greeting for 3382 when prompted to leave a message.



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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

I figured out how to do it: create a Routing Table Rule for the 3382 to go to 3384-vmail box.

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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

Hey John,

Sorry for the delay my friend :) Hope all is well with you! Here is the reference material for future use perhaps;

Route Forwarded Calls by the First or Last Redirecting Number

Cisco Unity supports the option of routing calls based on either the first or last redirecting number when a call is forwarded to Cisco Unity.

Note the following:

This option requires Cisco Unity-CM TSP 8.1(2) or later.

This option is not supported by integrations through PIMG units.

This option can be changed through the Advanced Settings Tool (AST), which is available in Tools Depot.

Call Information Exchanged by the Phone System and Cisco Unity

The phone system and Cisco Unity exchange call information to manage calls and to make the integration features possible. With each call, the following call information is typically passed between the phone system and Cisco Unity:

•The extension of the called party.

•The extension of the calling party (for internal calls) or the phone number of the calling party (if it is an external call and the phone system supports caller ID).

•The reason for the forward (the extension is busy, does not answer, or is set to forward all calls). There is also a reason code for Direct Calls.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager SCCP and SIP trunk integrations can also provide the following call information (the choice of first and last redirecting number is set in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot):

•Called number

•First redirecting number

•Last redirecting number


Note Cisco Unity can use either the first redirecting number or last redirecting number, depending on the setting in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

Is there a similar feature in Unity Express?



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Re: Voice message forwarding apart from call Forwarding

I found the "voicemail mailbox-selection original-called" command in CUE that enables this function.