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Warm Transfer

I am new to Cisco and I have to do a warm transfer call. I am reading the some documentation for it. Following are the tasks. 

1. Agent would have the ability alternate between the caller and the applicable department when needed.
2. Agent would have the ability to call the applicable department, select the IVR options for the caller, and then transfer the call.

3. Agent would have the ability to transfer the caller to the applicable department.




What are you asking?

What are you asking?

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I am using CISCO CTI OS with .NET CIL library. There I have to implement above mentioned tasks.

I am using softphone for this. I also have to do a outbound calls but not able to call any of the number.

I am able to call to another agent. But if agent is not ready then also call is going to that agent.

Ahhh Ok. So, I have some

Ahhh Ok. So, I have some experience with UCCE but my "bread and butter" is UCCX. They have a few similarities but generally speaking, they are completely different call center solutions. 

Can you call these numbers from a deskphone? Or, can agents call these numbers from a softphone (non-call transfers)? If not, perhaps there's a call routing problem... missing Global Dial Plans, missing Route Patterns, misconfigured Calling Search Spaces or Partitions, etc. Or, perhaps you need to press a series of keys to dial out - like 9 or 99 before entering the number. I don't know. If agents can call each other, then internal calling is Ok.

But I would defer to a technical UCCE expert on this one.

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The question is how are you

The question is how are you doing your warm transfer. If you are transferring calls directly to an agent, then that is not warm transfer. You need to send calls to the queue where the agent belongs to and for that to happen you need to configure several things

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Warm transfers are supported

Warm transfers are supported with both UCCX and UCCE, so is something not working for you as expected?  

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I am using UCCE.

I am using UCCE.

Well, I don't know what type

Well, I don't know what type of phones you have (deskphones vs softphones), type/model of phones, or phone configurations - like, Softkey Templates. But, you can tackle this project one of several ways. You can;

1. Configure Speed Dials or Abbreviated Dials. Here's a useful link;

2. Create a script with a simple menu structure that's only intended for agent transfers. You can use Partitions and Calling Search Spaces (CSS) to prevent unauthorized users from calling this script. Or, you could reference the ANI (i.e. Calling Number) for a list of allowed numbers.

3. Depending on how familiar you are with Cisco Finesse... that's assuming you're using Finesse and not something else, like CAD. You can create command buttons, perhaps under a new 'Transfer' tab. When selected, the caller would be transferred to <whatever> dept. You can modify the layout of Cisco Finesse via Cisco Finesse Administration. You can modify the CAD layout as well but the command buttons appear as little icons. You can modify these icons and what they do via Cisco Desktop Administrator.  

Good Luck!!!

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I am using softphone for this and using .NET CIL library to implement above task.

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