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New Member

Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

Thw wave file is not playing in the RunExt Script.

i have done the following

1. Network VRU script has been created VRU script name as like PM,Sales.wav,S.

2.I have copied ht esales.wav file into the following path C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\Tomcat\webapps\CVP\en-us\sys\sales.wav

3. i have added the runExt node and select the script name at properties file at script.

Can anyone please give me the solution to play the wav files at runext script.



Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

What nodes do you have set for your media server? Do you have any CVP logs or VXML logs?


New Member

Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

What node at media server? means sorry i can't understand.

Just i have create the runext node t ICM script.

D. pandiyan.


Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

Several ECC variables control how the Call Server converts the microapp instructions into a VXML page that the IOS Voice Browser can render.

It would be a more normal configuration to use IIS running on your combo box to deliver WAV files than to use Tomcat, but the configuration you have chosen will still work as long as you set things up correctly so that the gateway can find the WAV file.

1. It would be more conventional to install the WAV file in the app directory - not the sys directory. So "PM,sales" with the file in app\sales.wav would be better.

2. Pay attention to case sensitivity. You can't say "PM,Sales,S" and call the file "sales.wav". Don't put the .wav file extension in the NVRU name, as CVP will append that anyway.

3. You need SET nodes in ICM before the Run External Script. Using your ideas, user.microapp.locale must be set to "en-us", user.microapp.media_server must be set to something like ":7000/CVP". user.microapp.app_media_lib should be set to "app", but this is the default so is not really necessary.

4. If you use a keyword like "media" in the user.microapp.media_server setting (like "media:7000/CVP") then the gateway must be able to resolve this to the IP address through a "ip host" configuration.

5. If you turn up debugging on the Call Server (using the Diag Servlet) you will see where CVP is trying to find the file. Copy this URI into a browser and be sure it hits the file.

6. Finally, ensure the file is in CCITT uLaw format (confirm with Windows Sound Recorder app)



New Member

Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

Is any limitation in wave file size?

Because its working if i m putting less than 100 KB.

it will not work if i put more than 100 KB.

D. Pandiyan.


Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

Are you saying that you had everything set up correctly and that the ONLY reason it was failing is because of the size of the file?

Are you saying that none of the advice provided was useful to you?

There are limitations, but not where you think they might be. The normal advice Cisco provide is to keep the file under 60s (approx 600k), although I am much more conservative and aim for 30s.

How is the gateway set up for the HTTP client cache and the ivr prompt? Are you using "streamed http" or "streamed none". What is the latency between the gateway and the media store? Is the fetch timing out and the Call Server reconstructing the VXML page with the "-backup". Is the original file in the HTTP client cache?

What sort of gateway is this? Does it match the Cisco requirements?

Try to provide more information.



New Member

Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

Your information was useful and your understanding is correct.

I think there may be a prompts issue.

This is the error got from Gateway when i run the debug cmmand.

.Jun 9 21:01:08.389: %ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface Serial0/0/0:12 disconnected

from 6315837144 , call lasted 449 seconds

.Jun 9 21:01:09.001: //10949/5B06887182F8/VXML:/vxml_media_done:

CALL_ERROR; fail with vapp error 2, protocol_status_code=0

.Jun 9 21:01:10.273: //10949/5B06887182F8/VXML:/vxml_media_done:

CALL_ERROR; fail with vapp error 2, protocol_status_code=0

.Jun 9 21:01:12.073: %ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface Serial0/0/0:16 disconnected

from 8002373901 , call lasted 17 seconds

And my gateway model is 3845.

I keept IVR prompts at flash(GW). RunExt prompts keept at vxml Server.So gateway will read through cache memory.

D. Pandiyan.


Re: Wave file not playing in RunExt Script

>So gateway will read through cache memory.


How do you have the HTTP cache configured? How is the ivr prompt configured (streamed or not; size of file).

What is the lifetime of the file on the tomcat server? Are prompts always expired? How can you change it to what the customer requires? This is easy in IIS, but I don't know how to do it in Tomcat. Maybe you do.

What is the difference between IVR prompts, as in "I keept IVR prompts at flash" and RunExt prompts, as in "RunExt prompts keept at vxml Server"?

Why not have them all on the Media Store and tune the system for optimal performance?

What are the gateway settings for the following:

http client cache memory pool

http client cache memory file

http client cache refresh

http client connection timeout

http client response timeout

ivr prompt memory

ivr prompt streamed

http connection