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Web view exceeding time issue

exceeding time issue in web view reports

We are facing exceeding time issue in web view reports regarding log on duration of Agents.

The problem is that some times when we generate web view report of a specific time e.g. I want to view 8 hours report but it shows more than 8 hour log on time of some agents , Why we are getting more than 8 hours log on time while we are selecting 8 hours.

Initially we were getting half hour difference in our duplex web view reports but after implementing QoS on wan side the issue seems to be resolved but we are still monitoring the system

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Re: Web view exceeding time issue

are there any updates?

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Re: Web view exceeding time issue

Is the report the log off report?

If so then what you are getting is everyone who logged off in your timeframe even if they logged in before the start time and logged out near the end you could easily have 8+ hours of log on time.

Someone could even log out withing the first hour and still have 8+hours of login duration.

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Re: Web view exceeding time issue

what i dont understand is that when i am querying 8 hours report why is it showing me more than 8 hour log on duration and it happends to some of the agents and not all of the agents on the shift, and it also shows the same error on side B as well which is our other side, i have attached a screenshot for your assistance.

Re: Web view exceeding time issue

Hi there,

what is the code of this report/template?


Re: Web view exceeding time issue

Open a TAC Case.

Re: Web view exceeding time issue

Don't bother with TAC, they will not help you with this - I tried to ask a similar question once and they told me they are not supposed to solve such "logical" problems.

Please provide me with the report template code and I will take a look at the source.

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Re: Web view exceeding time issue

screen shots are attached for your review.

Re: Web view exceeding time issue


I did a sort of a research, well, it is not going to be a piece of cake. Anyway, let's see, what the docs say about this particular column:

agtper26 report - WebView online help:

Agent State Times: Log On Duration

The total time during the interval the agent was logged in, measured in HH:MM:SS (hours, minutes, seconds) format.

Derived from: Agent_Skill_Group_Half_Hour.LoggedOnTimeToHalf

Hmm, let's see, what is the Agent_Skill_Group_Half_Hour.LoggedOnTimeToHalf is about. This is what I found in the db schema help:


Total time, in seconds, an agent associated with this skill group was logged on during the half-hour interval. This value is based on the following:















This field is applicable for ICM, IPCC Enterprise and Outbound Option.

Oops. Anyway, let's take a look into the pbl file.

LoggedOnTime = MAX(ISNULL(AgentHalfHour.LoggedOnTime, 0)),

Well, what is AgentHalfHour? And why do we need the MAX value? Or, is it just a trick?

Oh, yes. If we read on the statement, it says

LoggedOnTime = SUM(ISNULL(AHH.LoggedOnTimeToHalf,0)),

and, of course, AHH is just the alias of

FROM Agent_Half_Hour AHH

and AgentHalfHour

is just a table joined in here.

To sum it up, this SELECT just sums up the seconds found in the Agent_Half_Hour table for that particular agent and presents it a nice format.

Don't ask me why it reports 8:30 as logged on time, but I am 99.9995 percent sure there are better ways to get information about logon duration.

From the Agent_Logout, Agent_Event_Detail or the Agent_State_Trace tables, perhaps. Or,

The Agent_Event_Detail is usually turned on (check at PG Explorer), the Agent_State_Trace is usually turned off (because it generates a lots of data, check at Agent Explorer).

If you don't need anything fancy, just the logon duration time, just double check whether either setting is turned on, and if yes, we can write a nice and neat SQL script that selects that.

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