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Webview Real Time Report - Total Answer and Aband Calls per day


Currently I’m developing a CCE 7.5 real time report for webview, customer have seen the preskg20: ICM Peripheral Skill Group Status Real Time which seems interesting and useful for their daily operation so supervisors and reporting users have a quick look on the skill groups numbers of agents and information from calls enabling a real time contact center so they can take decisions quick.

Customer want also to have the call statistics number on this reports they want to know basically the offered calls, handled, and abandoned.

As far as I’ve seen there is no direct report to place these values so I need to develop a report using an infomaker template.

I've seen on the databases that a real time skill group table have some of the information, this is the last 5 minutes, and there is a skill group half hour table which have all calls on 30 minutes intervals, this intervals are written as the guide says every 30 minutes since 0 hrs.

The situation i described produces a gap about 25 minutes so i can't place the correct addition because of those 25 minutes the information is not on one of those databases.

I've noticed that there is a 5 minute skill group table but this one does not contain information.

Does exists any way to handle a situation like this?



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Re: Webview Real Time Report - Total Answer and Aband Calls per

Hello, Claudio.

I'm sorry to see you were not able to find the information or assistance you were looking for here in the Contact Center community forum.

You may be able to find more help through the Cisco Developer Network.

Also, you might want to consider engaging Cisco Advanced Services via your account team to assist with UCCE/WebView custom reporting.

Thank you, and good luck.


Re: Webview Real Time Report - Total Answer and Aband Calls per


Does it have to be skill group statistics? If they're just looking for calls offered, handled, etc and don't really care too much about the performance of the different skill groups, you may want to take a look at Call_Type_Real_Time instead. This table will give you real-time statistics as well as (rolling) 5-minute, (current) half hour, and today (since 00:00) statistics.


Re: Webview Real Time Report - Total Answer and Aband Calls per

Agreed. Forget skill group reports - the call type is designed for this.



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Re: Webview Real Time Report - Total Answer and Aband Calls per


The need is to have the totals commented here with the total of agents connected/ready/not ready, so looking at the Calltype is not the value that i want to show (for now). So this is the reason why i'm looking at the skillgroups.

What i've found from the CDN is that i need to create an mid table where i can store the information every five minutes with a stored procedure.

What do you think about this?

Sorry forgot to paste the link



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