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Webview Reporting

In Webview, under the CallType Daily Report, there is a field for "Calls Error" and "Other". What calls are classified as "Calls error" and "Other"?


Re: Webview Reporting

The WebView server is a Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Admin Workstation (AW) running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and Internet Information Services (IIS) 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server and IIS 5.0 with WebView installed. Refer to Cisco ICM Software Release 4.6.2 WebView Installation Guide. When you configure a redundant WebView server, the installation procedure is exactly the same as the first installation. However, the WebView servers do not operate in a hot standby mode, they run independently. The fault tolerant method is totally manual.


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Re: Webview Reporting

The Other column gets pegged when a call is transferred to a non-IPCC monitored device, for instance a voicemail box, DID, or a transfer to the PSTN. The Error column can be for various reasons. I personally don't like the name of this field because it leads you to believe something bad has happened with the call when that's not always the case. For example if you are using IPIVR to transfer the call using a Call redirect step the call will show up in under the Error column in the Call Type report because ICM sent the call to the IVR and never got a reply back because the IVR transferred the call so ICM marks it as an Error call.

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