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webview reports - via email?

I can find where webview reports can be scheduled and saved to a drive. However, I can't find where these reports can be scheduled and sent via email. Anyone know how to do that? Am I missing a component that does that? I'm using ICM/IPCC 7.0.


Re: webview reports - via email?

No, you are not missing anything... WebView is a Web-based tool ;-) and, as such, it cannot be made to send reports via email.

You can use, however, the feature-rich programming platform of the SQL server itself. Just create a DTS task, that will output a neat report in CSV or XLS format onto a network share... and you have it!

If you are absolutely new to the database schema of ICM and/or to SQL server itself, let me know, what you would like to see and in what format, I can help you with that (we have a customer not using WebView at all, everything is generated by SQL server and poured onto a disk in XLS format).

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